Kendall McBride provides the vision for Seattle Housewrights as an expert carpenter and builder. Kendall’s construction experience is as varied as it is impressive. Most notably, the quality and expertise that Kendall brings to each and every project is unmatched in today’s fast-paced building world. Trained as a carpenter on the East Coast where historic houses demand attention to detail, Kendall understands that quality craftsmanship delivers superior results. He brings exquisite taste and a passion for excellence to every project, resulting in an unsurpassed quality product.

Nellie McBride provides the innovation behind the Seattle Housewrights as a remodeling business. As a professional Project Manager with several years of experience at Fortune 500 companies like Nordstrom and T-Mobile, she understands that professionalism and customer service are pinnacle to the customer experience with Seattle Housewrights. She understands that your needs and expectations are the foundation for success.  This is where every project starts and ends, defining your expectations and exceeding them.

Our team is composed of construction professionals who specialize in superior quality and expert craftsmanship. Additionally, we work for you to efficiently manage the construction process and communicate with you every step of the way. We are also an environmentally committed firm that integrates sustainable construction practices with high-quality remodeling.  Seattle Housewrights has established key partnerships with designers, trade contractors, suppliers and service providers who also believe in delivering exceptional service and a high-quality product so that our team functions with integrity, value and attention to detail.


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